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Energy efficient, simple to use and easy to move around your home, these air conditioners are a great choice for home owners and office managers.
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Stock Checker is the go-to stock informer for MeacoCool MC Series Air Conditioners in the UK, US & EU. We excel in finding stock availability by continuously tracking MeacoCool MC Series Air Conditioners stock across your favourite retailers in real-time. Receive notifications the instant MeacoCool MC Series Air Conditioners is back in stock, and it's all free of charge. Locate MeacoCool MC Series Air Conditioners stock effortlessly at Stock Checker using our innovative stock tracker on your smartphone, tablet, or computer (desktop/laptop). With our industry-leading fast stock alerts, you can now eliminate the need for constant searches to find MeacoCool MC Series Air Conditioners availability. Let us handle the stock checking for you behind the scenes, allowing you to focus on exploring exclusive deals while we keep you informed

What are the MeacoCool MC Series Air Conditioners?

Our most energy efficient air conditioners yet

This series of portable air conditioners have an Energy Rating of A, making them our most energy efficient air conditioners yet, allowing you to enjoy a cooler summer without having to worry about your energy bills. Not only has the energy efficiency increased, but we have also used the new R290 refrigerant making the air conditioners much more environmentally friendly.

Perfect for use at home or in the office

In low fan speed the new and reduced sound pressure level of just 53 dB makes this an easy portable air conditioner to live with. The MeacoCool 7000 BTU is perfect for use in the home or office to provide personal cooling in rooms around 12-22m². Removing the hot, humid air from the room reduces the relative humidity which will help to remove the sticky feeling from the air during the summer months.

To get the best out of your air conditioner we recommend pre-cooling rooms, such as your bedroom, so that the room is nice and cool before it needs to be used. This is easy to do with the timer function allowing you to set both an on and off timer anytime between 1 and 24 hours. Combined with the use of Sleep Mode lowering the fan speed and noise level, the MeacoCool is the perfect product to allow you to get a good night’s sleep.

Easy to use, move and control

The smaller, lighter and more compact MeacoCool is fitted with castors making it easy to move from room to room allowing you to feel cool throughout the day as well as enjoying a peaceful, cool sleep at night. The easy-to-use remote control enables you to control the air conditioner as required without having to move.

Window kit options

The MeacoCool comes with two types of window kits: the standard window kit and the flexible window kit. The standard window kit is suitable for sash windows, whereas the flexible window kit is suitable for all types of windows. The use of a window kit prevents warm air from outside entering the room, making the cooling more efficient.

The window kit included measures at 170cm and therefore if you're trying to cover a sliding door, there will be a small gap at the top. Alternatively, you can purchase a flexible door window kit here.

The MeacoCool comes with a 1.8m duct, this is suitable for most applications however if you need a longer duct, a 2m one can be purchased here. Ducts cannot be extended past 2m due to overheating.

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