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Meaco's best-combined dehumidifier and air purifier ever, ideal for single rooms, houses, and flats.
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What is the MeacoDry Arete One Dehumidifiers & Air Purifiers?

Dehumidifier excellence for smaller spaces

Brand new for 2022. Since launching in 2021, our Arete® One 20L and Arete® One 25L models have been a major hit with customers and reviewers alike. Winning Which? Best Buy awards and a Quiet Mark award, Arete® is proving that when you listen to your customers, everything turns out right. Quieter than ever, designed to fit beautifully into your home and with simple controls and a built-in air purifier, Arete® is a market leader in every way, saving you money straight away.

Now, we’ve added two smaller units to the Arete® collection. These are perfect for dealing with damp, mould and condensation issues in flats, studio apartments, small houses or cottages, single rooms and offices or studies. Extracting more water from your environment which uses less electricity, Arete® works quickly and quietly, with simple-to-use controls and a tank that’s designed to be emptied from both sides – so it doesn’t matter whether you’re left or right handed, or where the unit is placed*.

Perfect for damp, mould or condensation areas - suited for apartments, flats, smaller properties and single rooms.

Designed for your life

It’s taken five years of design, feedback and development to build this outstanding two-in-one dehumidifier and air purifier. Optimised for the British climate. By talking directly to customers, we’ve worked on not just the mechanics of efficiently removing excess water from your home and improving the air quality – but also on the sleek design that just looks like another piece of modern furniture.

A good dehumidifier unit should fit seamlessly into your home. Quiet, easy to use and easy to move around your home, Arete® is designed to make your life simpler.

Two for the price of one

As we become more aware of the role air quality plays in our life, it’s becoming increasingly important for people to improve the air in their homes. Whether this is for general health, or to combat specific allergy problems, an air purifier is a must in many homes – especially those where there are mould or damp problems.

Instead of buying two units – a dehumidifier and an air purifier – Arete® solves both your problems in one stylish box. With a medical grade HEPA filter integrated into the unit, you can be sure that Arete® is working hard to give you a healthy environment every day.

Built to last

When you choose Arete®, you choose Meaco’s dedication to customer service. Our products are built to last and we have given the Arete® range an impressive 5-year warranty – the only brand in the UK to offer that level of protection for a domestic dehumidifier. Our customer services are friendly and responsive, and we get great reviews for the way we help and support customers when they need it.

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