Nintendo Switch OLED Model Console

Meet the newest member of the Nintendo Switch family. The new system features a vibrant 7-inch OLED screen, a wide adjustable stand, a dock with a wired LAN port, 64 GB of internal storage, and enhanced audio. Play anytime, anywhere, with anyone. Nintendo Switch can transform to suit your situation, so you can play the games you want, no matter how busy life may be.

What is the Nintendo Switch OLED Model Console? The Switch OLED Model is Nintendo’s 9th generation Switch console, which was released on the 8th of October 2021. The Switch OLED features a 7-inch 720p OLED display, with 1080p resolution output whilst docked. It has 64GB of internal storage, enhanced audio functions, and a wider adjustable stand for use in tabletop mode. The OLED Model comes with a new dock, supporting wired LAN ports. The Nintendo Switch OLED is compatible with all Nintendo Switch games and accessories from the original model, though comes in two colour formats, Neon Red/Neon Blue and an all-new White colour.

How much is a Nintendo Switch OLED Model Console? The Switch OLED costs £309.99 ($349) at RRP in the UK and US.

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When will Nintendo Switch Pro Release? The expected Switch Pro by Nintendo is predicted to come out around 2023-2024 based on when the various online rumours circling the Nintendo community. The specs, performance, price, and release date aren’t known yet for the Switch Pro, but we’ll ensure you’re the first to know in the UK, US and EU once the Switch Pro is announced, whether it’s a teaser, or stock for pre-orders.

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Pick it up and play with the Joy-Con controllers attached. Nintendo Switch (OLED model) includes an OLED screen with a slimmer bezel. The large screen's vivid colours and high contrast deliver a rich handheld and tabletop gaming experience, bringing games to life whether you're racing at top speed or squaring off against enemies. Flip out the stand and hand a controller to another player to share the screen and enjoy competitive or co-operative multiplayer, anytime and anywhere. Nintendo Switch (OLED model)'s wide adjustable stand can be set to your preferred viewing angle for comfortable gameplay in tabletop mode. Gather around a big screen and enjoy gaming with a crowd. Dock your Nintendo Switch to enjoy HD gaming on your TV. The dock included with Nintendo Switch (OLED model) features two USB ports, an HDMI port for connecting to a TV, and a new wired LAN port, allowing for more stable online play when playing in TV mode. Save games to your system with 64 GB of internal storage & enjoy enhanced audio from the system's onboard speakers. Approximately 4.5 - 9 hours. The battery life will depend on the games you play. For instance, the battery will last approximately 5.5 hours for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 3 hours when charging while the hardware is in sleep mode.