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All the things you love about Steam Deck, now with an OLED screen, better battery life, faster WiFi, and more.
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Stock Checker is the leading stock informer for Steam Deck OLED in the UK, US & EU. We find availability by tracking Steam Deck OLED stock at your favourite retailers in real-time, sending you a notification the instant it's back in stock, free of charge. Find Steam Deck OLED stock at Stock Checker using our stock tracker through your smartphone, tablet or computer (desktop/laptop). With industry-leading fast stock alerts, you no longer have to keep searching for Steam Deck OLED availability. Using our stock informer, we'll let you know the instant Steam Deck OLED is in stock at various trustworthy online retailers. This way, you could concentrate on other tasks, such as scrolling through our deals, whilst we do all the stock checking for you behind the scenes.

How can I be alerted and notified when the Steam Deck OLED is in stock?

To be alerted when the Steam Deck OLED is in stock or available for pre-order, keep the tracking page open on your device so our stock tracker can notify you. If you're on a computer (desktop/laptop), you can enable audio browser notifications by clicking the red bell icon at the bottom left corner of your screen. We also offer push notification stock alerts via Twitter and Discord. By following us on Twitter (@StockCheckerUK | @StockCheckerUS), you can receive real-time restock notifications directly to your smartphone. If you're a Discord user, join our server ( to meet the rest of the Stock Checker community, who work together to help make finding products easier as well as other benefits, including daily shopping deals on gaming/tech, support on technical issues and much more.

What is the Steam Deck OLED?

The Steam Deck OLED is a handheld gaming PC console with a high dynamic range screen, a longer-lasting battery, faster downloads, and much more. All the things you love about Steam Deck, now with an OLED screen, better battery life, faster WiFi, and more.

Brighter Colours, Blacker Blacks

Steam Deck’s HDR OLED display is designed from the ground up for gaming, with striking contrast, brilliant clarity, and a larger picture. With more colours, pure blacks, and amazing motion rendition, you’ll see your games in a new light.

More Time To Play

Steam Deck OLED has 30-50% more battery life. We fit a bigger battery into the case, and the OLED display draws less power. Add in an updated, more efficient AMD APU and you have way more time to play your favorites.

Faster Downloads

Steam Deck OLED comes with Wifi 6E, offering increased bandwidth and lower latency. This means faster downloads (up to 3 times faster!) and stable online play.

Lighter & Cooler

Thanks to a bigger fan and updated thermals, Steam Deck OLED runs cooler. It weighs 30g, or ~5% lighter than the LCD model, due to the screen.

How much does the Steam Deck OLED cost?

In the UK, the Steam Deck OLED costs £479 for the 512GB model and £569 for the 1TB model. In the US, the Steam Deck OLED costs $549 for the 512GB model and $649 for the 1TB model. The US & Canada-exclusive Limited Edition Steam Deck OLED costs $679.

What is the release date of the Steam Deck OLED?

The Steam Deck OLED's release date is Thursday, 16th November 2023 globally.

Steam Deck OLED Deals

Stock Checker will also present deals on the Steam Deck OLED, including products related to the handheld gaming PC console, such as other Steam-related items. Scroll down to the bottom of the tracking page and scroll through the best deals related to the Steam Deck OLED, which can include deals on the handheld gaming PC console itself and not just related Steam items. These are the most popular deals relating to Steam Deck OLED within the last 7 days, constantly updated.

How to get a Steam Deck OLED

The Stock Checker website and Discord Server will inform you in real-time, the instant a retailer restocks the Steam Deck OLED. Once you receive this notification, follow the alert, which will take you to the retailer's product page selling the Steam Deck OLED. It is in your hands to act fast and enter your details quickly enough to secure the purchase.

Where can I find the Steam Deck OLED in stock?

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